About Us

Our story

Founded in 1800, the year in which a first forge was activated in Odolo, Olifer srl has developed and specialized in industrial production. In continuous research for the improvement of products and processing technology, it has integrated the construction of rolling plants for standard and special profiles, reaching a high quality standard and a deep experience in the hot section sector.

Founded in 1800

Family business, founded by the Oliva brothers, in the photo, from left: Domenica Oliva, Rosalia Oliva, Carlo Oliva e Michele Oliva


The group

Olifer is part of the OLIFIN group. consisting of other companies operating in the steel production and commercial process chain. Furthermore, the parent company is made up of companies operating in other product sectors with offices on the Italian territory.


The I.R.O. S.p.A. was founded in Odolo on November 19th 1951. The primary activity of the company is the management of a rolling mill for the production of rebar in bars.


The OLIVATT company deals with the production of electricity through renewable sources.

It has five hydroelectric plants located in the province of Brescia that exploit the natural flow of waterways to generate clean energy, free of CO2 emissions. Particular attention is paid to protecting the environment by promoting the fish repopulation of rivers and monitoring the water quality of the river Chiese.

Olifer in the world

Over the years we have participated in trade fairs organized all over the world, thus taking the quality of our products beyond national borders.